Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jerusalem's Drag Show

Before I really came out of the closet, I had been writing a different blog anonymously about slowly coming out of while in the conservative environment of Jerusalem. One of my readers suggested to me that I go to see the drag show that goes on every Monday night at a local bar. She said it is a fun show and a great environment. My first reaction was to think that drag shows would not interests me, but in the end I decided I wanted to try something new. I told my good friend Ella (who I had just recently come out to) about the shows and she agreed to join me. Simply put, I had an amazing time and soon became a regular.

The bar at the time was called "HaKatzeh" (The Edge), but has recently changed names to "Mikveh Bar". (A mikveh is a traditional Jewish spiritual bath). This is one of the most amazing and unique places in all of Israel. I know that sounds like an overstatement, but trust me when I say it is accurate. At the "Mikveh Bar" you can find on any given night gays, lesbians, transsexuals,  bisexuals, straight people, religious people, secular people, Jews, Arabs, locals, "out of towners" and foreign tourists, and everyone gets a long. To think that such a place can exist in Israel, let alone Jerusalem where every little meaningless issue can start a war is quite amazing.

To top it all off, the "Gevald" line of drag queens consistently puts on amazing shows. The line consists of 4 drag queens; the amazing Gallina Port Des Bras, the beautiful Kiara Duple, the sharp tongued Diva D and the temptress Talula Bonet. Every Monday night, two and sometimes three or four of these stunning performers will put on a show that brings a big smile to my face. The friends that would go with me to the shows would often commented on how happy I always was whenever I attended one of these shows. In such an open, safe, excepting and entertaining environment, how could I not be smiling from ear to ear?!

For my straight readers out there that think drag shows are just for gays, than I must say you are missing out. If you enjoy great jokes, awesome music and dancing than come and see a show. I sadly am not able to go as often as I once did, now that I do not live in Jerusalem. But I do try and make it as often as I can. If you can't make it to Jerusalem, there are other drag shows in other cities in Israel and of course outside of Israel. But if you want a truly special experience, make the trip to Jerusalem and come see the Gevald line perform. Maybe I will see you there  :D


  1. Just came accross your blog. I'm a total fan of the Gevald quartet. Hope to see you at the Mikvah sometime soon ;-)

  2. Any drag kings in Israel? I have been performing as one on and off for years now.

    1. There are drag kinds in Israel. I have seen a few of them perform and some have been very good.

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